Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The First Step...

*siiiigh* It finally happened.

I got laid off. My current assignment ended. Call it what you will, but the point is that I am currently unemployed and the chick they hired in my place makes half the money I made for the same amount of work, with a lesser title (who really lost in this situation lol? ). Im not really upset about it; its been a couple of weeks and I've come to terms with it. Initially I was pissed because I had just transferred to an awesome team w/ an awesome boss. Just when I started becoming interested and involved again, and wasn't being subjected to daily emotional abuse (my old boss, lovingly dubbed "Crazy" was, well... crazy), I went n got let go. But that's life I guess. In the end, I know better things always come from me moving on and so, I am ready to see what comes next.