Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 1

I have a migraine.  It's past midnight and I'd REALLY like nothing better than to get up and pee (I have this unbelievable laziness when it comes to peeing; I dont know when it started but I wish it would stop just as quickly as it began bc its really annoying) and then fall peacefully into slumber, wake up on time, get to work on time, and have a wonderful day at the place where I feel like I spend the better part of my life.  Work.  Which I sometimes call My Hell-Hole of a Job.  But I digress.   

Did I mention I have a migraine?  And its hard to type on your side w/ one hand, so pls excuse the typos.  But here goes.  I keep writing blog posts in my head as I walk down the street, so I figured I should really get this crackin' already, bc Im starting to think Im crazy, and Im tired of  putting it off.  Initially I was gonna wait until I quit my job, and my blog was one of many things that was going to fill my days... I envisioned myself sitting at the neighborhood Starbucks and just blog-blog-blogging my year away.  I would tell you guys about all my adventures.  My travels on a ridiculously small budget.  My failed attempts at living on a budget at all (haha, this is not gonna be so funny when Im out of a job and only have 2.53 dollars to spend and I curse the day I decided taking a year off and living off my savings was a good idea).  And so on and so forth.  I would grow and learn and become a better person and I would love every minute of my year off, and emerge on the other side with a new career and a new zeal for life and, and, and...

But it looks like this whole 'not working' thing is gonna take longer than planned.  Ill spare you the boring details and instead start sharing the story  :)